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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Eliseo Blanco reviewed Victory Karate and Afterschool
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Family environment, respectful staff and students. Recommended to everyone.

Tony Tony reviewed Victory Karate and Afterschool
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Victory Karate is great! My daughter is a beginner and already eager for more classes

Luisa Velez reviewed Victory Karate and Afterschool
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My son (4) loves this. Hes new but always eager to go back. Enjoy staying during his class and watching him progress, considering joining myself. Truly recommend this school for everyone, always friendly and clean.

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How To Support Your Child In Becoming A Black Belt


With the benefits of martial arts becoming more evident to parents, most have asked this pertinent question; how can I support my child? What is my responsibility? What do I do? If you’ve ever asked any of those questions, then it shows you are a great parent with the best interest of your child at heart. That’s commendable!

While you may want to support your child in every way possible, it is vital that you remember that there should be a balance between being supportive and understanding clearly that your child will have to do certain tasks by him or herself. This is to ensure that they become self-disciplined. In this piece, we will discuss some of the main ways you can support your child in becoming a black belt.

  1. You have to attend as many classes as you can;

If you are honest, you will agree that it is tempting to use your child’s martial arts class time to run some errands at home or to spend more time in the office. You could decide to use that time to take a quick break or rest a little. Whichever the case may be, it is crucial that you remember that this is your child and you are expected to support him/her. Attending as many classes as you can is one way that you show that you support your child.

Most parents that have attended their children’s martial art classes have testified that the feeling is magical. When you attend any of the martial arts classes, you will see your child stealing quick glances at you, thus, motivating him/her to put in an effort to impress you. This would definitely encourage them to put in more effort and would take the class more seriously. Your presence in these classes makes your child visible. While you attend these classes, it is advised that you do not offer tips or corrections. This is recommended to ensure that you do not make them lose confidence. It is advised that you always stay positive. Interestingly, regular attendance will keep you up to date with announcements and at the same time learning new skills you could enforce at home.


  1. Reinforce the skills taught in class;

By now you probably would have come to the realization that martial arts do not just have to do with punches and kicks. While the self-defense skills your child is taught is valuable, other skills like self-discipline, perseverance, leadership, courtesy, and respect are taught as well. These skills would be beneficial if your child is to become a black belt. Enforcing these skills at home will not just make him/her improve in martial arts, it will make them better individuals.

The skills your child learns is what separates martial arts from any other activity. This is why it is important that you reinforce them. While having dinner, you could say “what vital lesson did you learn from class today? Or “what important points about perseverance did Mr. John point out today.” You could also make use of other situations to reinforce these skills. While it is recommended that you reinforce these skills, it is equally important that you do not overdo it, this is to ensure that you do not end up them irritating them.

  1. Encourage your child to practice regularly;

If your child is to become a black belt, he/she would need to bring out time to practice regularly. You could ask them to practice about two to three times each week. You probably would be thinking that you have to install a zebra mat in the living room or even construct a dojo, but you will find it interesting to know that any spacious and open area would be fine. If you notice that the weather is quite good, you could ask them to practice in the backyard.

Generally, studies have shown that students tend to concentrate more if they practice for a couple of hours in small sessions. This means that instead of having to recommend about three hours of practice at a time, you could space them. You could space the practice session into fifteen to thirty minutes each. It is also advised that you make him/her practice more often as it helps to build muscle memory as well as enable instant recall in most situations.

  1. Do not compare, simply compete;

If you’ve been attending classes, by now you would have realized that martial arts are one of the toughest activity there is. This is because it has to do with the body, soul, mind, and emotion. It is vital that you do not expect so much from your child. For example, most parents with children in the TTL (Tiny Tiger Level) would not expect him/her to perfect a sidekick or even the front jump kick. This would be unwise. If you really want your child to become a black belt, then you definitely will not pressure nor compare him/her with the other students. It is recommended that you take out time to encourage and challenge him/her to do better without comparing. A comparison will take a toll on his/her confidence level and may make him/her less motivated to become a black belt.


  1. Imitate the actions of other parents with black belt children;

One important way you can support your child is to learn from someone. While you have to remember that your child’s ability and that of the other black belt is quite different, it is advised that you take tips and tailor them to meet your child’s needs. For example, you could start by asking these parents simple questions. When they answer, you are expected to pay close attention to get the key points.

One thing you have to always remember is that being a black belt is not that easy, but with the needed skills and loving support from you, your child will definitely become one. Are you looking for a martial arts class to enroll your child? You will find it interesting to know that there is one that you can try out. Give us a call at 718 654 6919 or Just register online @ and so one will call you back to set an appointment this is one of the best choices a parent can make.