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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Eliseo Blanco reviewed Victory Karate and Afterschool
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Family environment, respectful staff and students. Recommended to everyone.

Tony Tony reviewed Victory Karate and Afterschool
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Victory Karate is great! My daughter is a beginner and already eager for more classes

Luisa Velez reviewed Victory Karate and Afterschool
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My son (4) loves this. Hes new but always eager to go back. Enjoy staying during his class and watching him progress, considering joining myself. Truly recommend this school for everyone, always friendly and clean.

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How To Choose the Best Martial Arts Instructor For Your Child.



It is really encouraging to know that you have decided to let your child take martial art classes. Everything about martial arts is 100 percent. It’s really going to help your child in a way that you would be surprised of. Helping your child to get trained is one of the ways to help him build some confidence, respect, concentration and of course self-defense. There is a way it just raises your child’s self-esteem.

The next thing that should be on your mind is to find a karate class for kids near you. You are absolutely right about that. When looking to register your kid at a martial art class near you, you need to consider a few things. It is possible that you find a lot of karate classes for kids near you or one that would take you about 20 minutes drive since most people have cars today, but not all of them can train your kid efficiently. One of the things to consider when fixing your kid for martial art classes is choosing the best martial arts instructor.

What is martial arts training without a good instructor? Trust me; it’s really going to be a waste of time. Choosing the best martial arts instructor is as important as the need to register your child for martial art classes. You need to make your child’s time and your own personal resources worth it. Before I go much deeper into the tips that will help you choose the best martial art instructor for your child’s karate classes, I want you to understand a general rule of thumb here. The rule is that you have to be ready to give your time. You will need to do more than just placing a call through any karate class; you need to go there and see for yourself.


You can only listen to what they tell you on the phone right? But if you take more actions by stepping out to see what karate classes your child will be taking, it’s the first main step to securing the best instructor for your kid. After that has been said, now see how to choose the best martial arts instructor for your child;

Make your research

After searching out all the karate classes for kids near me on different websites, there should be general information about the martial art school on their website as well as information about the instructor and his style of teaching. After reading about the instructor, you can be a judge if he his the best fit for your child. It is best for you to check for this informations before visiting the school to confirm what you’ve seen or called to hear about your child’s potential instructor.

Ask to know the overall philosophy of the instructor

It is a truth that you are looking for an instructor that can convey knowledge to your child. A good instructor should be able to open you up to the world of karate with subtle explanations. However, since you have the intention you put your child up for this class, you must have learned a few things about karate classes to avoid looking dumb.

You can also judge any instructor’s philosophy once you step into the school. Be sensitive about the vibes you get from the people around there. As you walk into the environment, be conscious of the coordination. See if the kids around are well behaved, respectful, and courteous. This can tell you what the instructor is like. An unruly instructor is one that brings up unruly kids.

When faced with the instructor, access his manners. If he is disciplined and competent, you will be able to judge after a few minutes talk.

He should be able to communicate effectively

Now that finding a karate class for your kid has been simplified, the search for the best instructor still goes on. Your child can only be as good as the instruction he receives. Be sure that your child’s potential instructor is a great communicator. Sometimes, it is not even by the rank of the instructor; it is about how effectively he can communicate and carry his trainees along. You should observe how he interacts and relates with the children he trains.

Ask to know what he focuses on

Ask him to know if his specialty is self-defense, self-improvement, and self-mastery or if he focuses more on sports and competition. The instructor has to be inclined with your objective. If you are trying to prevent your child from bullying, you may need to confirm so that he doesn’t take your child through competition lessons but strictly center his training around self-defense.

If you want the sport and competition thing for your child, ask to know if the instructor specializes in this. If you are looking to give your child some self-improvement karate class, you should also confirm this from the instructor.

Basically, you need to talk at length with him and emphasize what you hope to achieve by finding your child a karate class. A good instructor should be willing to work with your child to achieve this objective.

The best instructor for your child should have an opinion to share.

A good instructor should be able to share his opinions with you. He is a professional in this field. You may be wrong with some things, but he should be able to set you right with his opinion. You may even have some wrong information stacked up in your head; he should be able to guide you properly. He should have an opinion about how your child can train more at home, the few things you can put in place for your child, and more ideas on how to make the classes productive. If he doesn’t have an opinion, you can tell that he isn’t the best fit for your child.

The best instructor for your child is one who is 100% engaged and is able to command his students’ attention. Great instructors are few, but with these tips, you are sure to find the best. For more information on how to get your child started, contact us on 718 654 6919 to speak with Eric Sands or Shihan Frazier.