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Family environment, respectful staff and students. Recommended to everyone.

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Victory Karate is great! My daughter is a beginner and already eager for more classes

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My son (4) loves this. Hes new but always eager to go back. Enjoy staying during his class and watching him progress, considering joining myself. Truly recommend this school for everyone, always friendly and clean.

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How much do martial arts classes cost?

The straight answer is that most martial arts classes can range anywhere between $189 a month up to $500 sometimes even higher. Every school is different.

That seems to be the number one question that people ask when they join my martial arts school.  but the problem is martial arts is not a commodity it’s a service in any service is not the same product is the thing Services the person.

on average in New York City tuition can run as low as $189 a month to as high as $500 a month for one person on a single program.

Now when you compare the price of Martial Arts tuition two other sports you will find that martial arts is relatively inexpensive compared to all the benefits that you get from it. However, if you would compare it to prices to other sports you will find that martial arts training is fairly inexpensive. Here’s an example.


Average: $7,956

Maximum: $17,500


Average: $7,013

Maximum: $19,000


Average: $4,044

Maximum: $9,900


Average: $2,739

Maximum: $9,500


Average: $1,472

Maximum: $5,500


Average: $1,143

Maximum: $5,150


So before you make a judgment on the school or even on the price you should first check them out with a free trial, every school offers a pre-trial or a consultation. I think these are great because this gives you an opportunity for you to meet the instructors, see the school and really get a vibe on where you going to be training or your child’s going to be training.

One question I get is I tried to call the school but they wouldn’t give me the price over the phone. Walpole most schools be generally don’t like to give the price because it’s hard to really determine the value of a martial art school just based on the price over the phone it would be kind of like judging the price of a car that you never seen it or drove it or see how it feels I think what a martial arts school but she kind of do the same thing.


So here are some helpful tips on some of the things you should ask when you go into a martial arts school.

  1. How long has the instructor been training? I believe this to be very important because generally the more experience they have in teaching the better they can relate to your child new teachers tend to be more impatient than older teachers unless do you have young kids that been teaching from since they were young.
  2. How many instructors are there? the amount of instructors is relative to the size of a school what instructor can accommodate up to 100 students once you get past 100 students they should be either one more instructor and an assistant or two instructors that will give you a good ratio on the level of instruction for your child.
  3. Do you charge for promotion or is that included in the fee? the reason why you want to ask that question is because some martial arts schools charge for belts and others don’t others The reason why this is important is because you might not want to have to pay for belt every 3 or 4 months but in most cases you probably could pay for the belts in advance that was really  make it easy for you to plan in the future or some schools have what you call all-inclusive programs where for one price include everything that way it makes it easier for you and for the school and what that does and hopes to school focus Less on money and more on teaching.
  4. Does your school go to competitions? if you are a parent they want your child to be in competitions that might be something you want to ask in advance some schools compete some schools don’t so if that’s something that you need or do you need for your child you might want to definitely ask that question in advance.
  5. Is your school insured? It is important that any environment where there is training with any kind of physical activity that the school carries insurance not only does that protect you but it also protects the school.
  6. How often do you have  promotions? Some schools have promotions every 3 months some every four some every six months but usually, that happens at the later stages when your child is more advanced. The school has a promotion every two weeks or every month I will be pretty leery of that school there’s really not much an instructor can teach your child in a month, that in my opinion will qualify them for promotion but that just my opinion. However some schools do have to testing which is more than okay prescription confidence-building and a little child know that they’re progressing
  7. Do you have family packages? family packages of great when you have more than one sibling this usually helps to reduce the cost of the intuition. some schools give you 10% some school gives you 20% discounts even as high as 50% some school even have what they have to call one price for the whole family which I think is great The View generally come lesson your monthly payment by 20 to 40% on some family packages.
  8. How do you collect your Tuition? You will find that some schools collect them monthly or even yearly and here’s how they work. But here is where most parent get confused about tuition. Let’s break down tuition in simple terms. When you sign up your child in a martial arts program don’t confuse your monthly bill with the yearly tuition. What generally happens is that most schools allow the yearly  tuition to be paid for on a monthly basis just for financial convenience. Here’s an example, if the tuition of the program it’s $1,400 there might be a $200 down payment to lower the cost to $1,200 The bigger the initial down payment the lower the monthly fee,which would work out to about $100 a month monthly fee but by no means is it a monthly program.  Depending on which package you choose. Then you’ll be asked how do you want to pay for this debit or credit and the reason for this is because most good schools generally do not like collecting cash unless it’s the initial investment, generally most just like to teach and focus on the development of your child. In the past but what happened was that the instructor would collect the fees and teach the class but the problem with that is that now the instructor became the bill collector and nobody likes the bill collector . So when software came about most martial arts schools start utilizing debit and credit so that way there would be a separation between the billing company and the martial arts school.  Thus allowing the instructor to keep his/her focus on teaching rather collection. So if you’re going to a martial arts school and you say can you pay cash and most cases they won’t unless you’re going to pay for the whole year and that way they don’t have to worry about monthly payments in the future.


  1. IF my child doesn’t come to class do I still have to pay?  YES, when you sign your child up for the program you made a commitment that you will bring him?her to x amount of classes for x amount of time. If the facility and the instructor are still available for the child to take classes then you still liable for the classes because then the problem is not the instructor it is you. However if the school happens to close down or is no longer  operational, absolutely you’re not responsible for those payments.  But in most cases if you tell the instructor that your child no longer wants to train there will be a termination fee and maybe you will have to one or two months to get out of the agreement.
  2. In Conclusion just remember this one Thing you’re not signing up your your child  in martial arts classes just for the striking, kicking a grappling.

But for the benefits of what martial arts can do for your child remember martial arts is an investment in your child’s physical well being and mental character and that’s priceless choose wisely..Good Luck


I hope you got a lot of value from this and if you would like more information on martial arts training for your child click on this link and set up an appointment or you could just give us a call at 718 654 6919 ask for Shihan Frazier or Eric Sands and we will be more than glad to get your child started on  an amazing martial arts journey.